Psalm 33: The planning process

It’s fun to think ahead and plan what might happen next in our lives (or to at least anticipate what we’re going to have for lunch). Yet, have you noticed that our plans don’t often turn out as we anticipated? What we think is going to be a big deal ends in a thud . . . and what seemed so insignificant at the time later becomes truly magnificent?

That’s the discovery of Psalm 33. Our author steps back from the routine of life and notices something—when people make big plans, things stay pretty much the same. When God puts together a plan, big stuff starts to happen.

Here’s the reality that we regularly face:

  • We speak . . . and our words float away.
  • We plan . . . and our efforts accomplish very little.
  • We watch . . . and often end up frustrated.

Psalm 33 offers a different reality for God:

  • God speaks . . . and things happen. (vs. 6-9)
  • God plans . . . and it always comes true. (vs. 10-11)
  • God watches . . . and his people experience love and joy. (vs. 12-22)

It’s kinda funny. This current 35-day prayer challenge wasn’t part of our original plans. The plan was to produce a community-wide tour of the entire Old Testament. For a number of reasons, that just didn’t happen this fall. So here we are on day 20 out of 35. Was this God’s plan all along?

I’m neither smart enough nor insightful enough to consistently know what God is up to. But I do know this: when I’m willing to adjust to God’s plan, everything seems to turn out a lot better for all of us.

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