The Chain Breaker

By: Brenda Wetzel

chainIn grieving the recent loss of my dad, I’ve been reminded of the many wonderful characteristics he has blessed me with, but of also the shortcomings we share. I credit him with my deep faith and heart for God, adventurous, independent spirit, persistence and resourcefulness. But there are also some less attractive traits, one of which I will call “Right.” For me this includes the need to be right and the need to do it right (perfectionism). Both of these are toxic to relationships. Ask Al.

If you’ve read The Hobbit, you know that Gollum has a ring that has so much power over him he calls it “my precious.” Well, Right is “my precious” and its power over me is straight from Satan. He uses all the usual scare tactics and lies to have me believe I need and must have “my precious.” He whoops with glee and does his happy dance every time I succumb to it. And it has me in chains.

The only Chain Breaker I know is God. He is the only force strong enough to break the chain of “my precious.” To relinquish something so precious requires that I relabel it. Instead of considering it precious, I need to recognize what it is. Poisonous. But merely giving it up leaves its power intact. Not good enough. Just like the ring, it needs to be destroyed. And God has promised to do it.

God knows my struggle and reminds me that my part is to keep my eyes fixed on him and resist the devil. I trust his promise. The devil will flee from me. Some days I remember my part and others not so much. But through it all, he wipes away every tear and assures me that while the battle rages on, I can believe that the victory has already been won.

To borrow the lyrics of a favorite song, my Victory has a name. Jesus.


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