What Is the Point?

By: Darcy Mears, Children’s Ministry Coordinator
feet up

I asked a question to a group of women a few weeks ago. We were discussing the sad state of affairs affecting our world because of terrorism, cultural differences, and hate. I asked, “What is the one basic thing we are missing, the one thing that if we were to do, could make a powerful difference in our world?”

The interesting thing that will sometimes transpire after asking out loud is if you truly want an answer and you open your eyes, ears, and mind, the answer may come to you, and in possibly surprising ways.

Over the course of the following days, I heard numerous answers, but there are three things that resonated with me.

The first was a quote on the TV (and yes, I do tear up at the TV sometimes) “It may seem difficult to make a difference in this world but if you work with one person and create one new possibility at time, you may mean the world to that one person; and that’s enough.” I started thinking about this and wondering, what if everyone who could, created a new world for just one person? We would see awe-inspiring things happen all over the world and it would flourish beyond our imaginations.

The next thing I heard (this was after an extremely busy week) was “Take a rest, put your feet up, it will wait.” Initially, this seemed contradictory to working hard to make a difference, but then I realized, without proper rest, I do not have the ability to feel peace or quiet in my heart, listen to what God is telling me, or have the energy to pray. How can I (or anyone else) be our best or make rational decisions or stay positive if we do not take care of ourselves? It is imperative to find the time to replenish our souls with quiet.

And the third thing I heard came from an important person in my spiritual life who spoke the following scripture out loud and I felt like it was just for me. He had no idea about the question percolating in my mind, but it fit perfectly. The scripture was 1 John 2:10 –  “Anyone who loves their brother and sister lives in the light, and there is nothing in them to make them stumble.” For me, today, right now, I realized the point – to love all our brothers and sisters and to live in the light. With light leading our way, there is no room for hate or fear or ignorance.

little boy and girlPhoto credit: photo via Visual hunt

A Little Coffee and a Lot of Conversation

By: Laura Kalkwarf, Connect Leader

Recently I was asked “So, what is Women’s Coffee and Conversation?” I responded that it’s a time when women of all kinds of life experience get together, without an agenda, to chat about anything that comes up. We talk about whatever topic emerges, laugh together, grieve together, and try our hardest to build each other up.

TWomen's Coffeeheir jaw dropped slightly. They were so amazed to find out that it was a group of women who just got together and talked. Only then did it dawn on me that this doesn’t happen much anymore. Usually there’s a meeting over coffee with a specific agenda and defined, desired outcomes. Maybe it’s a project that you’re working on together. Maybe you just want to zone out and work on your laptop. But when was the last time you just talked? Without checking your phone. Without an agenda. Without spelled-out topics.

The initial reason that I was drawn to the group was simply that I wanted to get to know more women at enCompass. Well, that and the fact that I love coffee and the coffee shop atmosphere! Some of the gals from church personally invited me to join them for this informal time, and the fact that I could simply come and chat was appealing to me.

My first experience was exceptional. All of the women were welcoming, and I could relate to them no matter what stage of life they were in. The more I got to know these women, the more we nourished our relationship. We cherished the wisdom of the more life-experienced ladies, especially when it came to gardening, finding purpose, and goals. We celebrated the gifts God had provided – new children, new homes, heck, a new necklace that made us feel great. We grieved together – loss of a fellow Women’s Coffee member, spouses, experiences.

While the group is dynamic – never the same one twice – I continue to be blessed by this ministry. Knowing that we come to the table with some semblance of faith, or the desire to have faith in God and Jesus Christ, makes this monthly meeting that much more impressive. The atmosphere is intended to be accepting, loving, and inviting. Come as you are, stay for as long as you can. What has gone without saying, but will now be added to my invitation is “come and be loved in Christ”. No strings attached. No experience required. Come, enjoy the company of other women, and just be loved.