Psalm 32: Stubborn?

Face it—you’re stubborn.

It’s true. All of us humans possess a natural bent towards keeping life sane by keeping life the same. We like to follow established patterns and predictable routines.

It’s not all bad—these patterns allow us to easily accomplish certain tasks. We brainlessly get ready each morning, drive to and from work, and load and unload (and load and unload and load and unload . . .) the laundry each day because we’ve established consistent routines.

But it’s not all good, either. Some of our predicable patterns can produce a plethora of personal problems. Yelling at the kids, feeling sorry for yourself, thinking you’re smarter than everyone else, refusing to address your health issues or believing God doesn’t care can become habitual routines that lead to long-term misery.

It wasn’t very good for the writer of Psalm 33. It seems that our psalmist struggled through a season of self-willed stubbornness. He simply refused to own up to his own shortcomings. You can hardly blame the guy—it’s never a pleasant process to stare into the face of one’s own demons. Yet something finally snapped—and he found a way to become honest with God and with himself.

But that’s not all bad for us. In fact, as we invite God to compassionately reveal the cracks in our character, it creates an opening for God’s grace to flow into our lives far more deeply.

So let’s pray through Psalm 32, stubbornly receiving God’s love and grace as part of our everyday routine.

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