Psalm 30: Dance Lessons

We’re about halfway through our 35-day prayer journey together. It seems to be a good time to stop and consider:

Why do you pray?

We could come up with a lot of good reasons, I suppose:

  • Prayer was a priority to Jesus, so it’s our priority, too.
  • Prayer invites God’s power and presence into a specific problem or need.
  • Prayer offers a good way to gain much needed peace and tranquility.
  • Prayer opens up new ways for God to speak to us personally.
  • Prayer provides a great opportunity to learn how to dance.

Learn to dance? That’s what the choreographer of Psalm 30 discovered. After a grueling season of practicing prayer, here’s the outcome: (Verse 11)

You turned my wailing into dancing;
you removed my sackcloth
and clothed me with joy . . .

The dancing didn’t come easily. A series of grueling practice sessions had tested our author’s patience, endurance and toughness But the results speak for themselves—there’s an unhinged enthusiasm that bounds through this piece of poetry in motion.

The dancing doesn’t come easily for me, either. Stoic Lutherans raised me and I now lead a Baptist church. That’s hardly the optimal training grounds for producing the next “Dancing with the Stars” co-winner. Yet our Psalmist clearly recommends we try the salsa, a waltz or at least some of weird, awkward tango.

So that’s my prayer—that you and I would keep praying and watching and waiting until God’s joy cuts loose in our lives. I’m sure it’ll feel pretty awkward at first, but I bet God will thoroughly enjoy the results.

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