Psalm 27: Scaredy Cat

We’re all scared of something. Our common fears include the fear of flying, of public speaking, of the dark, of germs, of spiders and snakes. I guess that’s good news for me, because I can handle most of those pretty well. (Unless those things were all happenings at once—ewh!)

There’s other fears we don’t often talk about yet are still very, very real: fear of losing a friend or family member, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of pain, fear of public shame or embarrassment, fear of death. Part of living is learning to cope with the fears that lurk around us.

The author of Psalm 27 wasn’t willing to simply cope with his fears—he wanted to conquer them. This expression of finding strength and grace, hope and love in God is one of the most eloquent and inspiring pieces of poetry available. I have a personal bias here—this is probably my favorite Psalm of all.

I’m especially stirred by the closing verse—reminding us that even when things don’t go as planned and our fears start raging out of control, a simple faith in God is all that’s needed.

You’d better read it for yourself. I hope you like it. I sure do.

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