Psalm 19: Voices

Everyday I hear voices . . .

  • My garage keeps hinting, “Dude, you outta sweep me out sometime.”
  • My favorite radio talk-show host intones, “My friends at the men’s hair institute restored my youth–they can do the same for you, Kevin.” (No, he doesn’t actually say, “Kevin”–it just feels this way.)
  • My offspring chirp from our family nest, “What’s for dinner, Dad, what’s for dinner?”
  • My inner conscience probes, “When’s the last time you called your dear mother?”

It makes a guy stop and wonder: which of these voices are most important  . . . and which ones should I simply ignore?

The poet of Psalm 19 has discovered the singular most important voice in his life: God’s voice. Considering the clamoring of all these other voices, how’s it actually possible to hear God speak? Two divine broadcast channels are highlighted:

  • The gloriousness of nature. Read verses 1-6 and you’ll witness our author’s personal rhapsody in hearing God’s chorus singing through the brilliance of a sunrise and the happiness of a warm afternoon.
  • The goodness of Scripture. In verses 7-11 our author attentively takes notes from God’s universally acclaimed lecture series on “Living the Good Life”.

In a noisy world, maybe we should try these same listening techniques: read a chapter from the Bible, then go walk outside–asking God to speak to us openly and honestly. What are we likely to discover? A renewed sense of awe and a humble desire to listen and respond to God’s voice. This Psalm closes with one of the best prayers ever:

May these words of my mouth and
this medication of my heart
be pleasing in your sight,
LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.

Yep, amen to that. That’s the kind of voice I hope to carry in my soul everyday.

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